Talk Is Cheapest in Oregon, and Spirits Are High

Motorists in New York State can save big time on gasoline taxes by simply driving to neighboring New Jersey to fill up.

New York has the second highest state gasoline tax rate, charging 47.1 cents per gallon, while New Jersey ranks No. 48 with a tax of just 14.5 cents per gallon, according to a new report from the Tax Foundation.

California has the highest tax, 47.7 cents, while other states with low gas taxes are Alaska (8 cents) and Wyoming (14 cents).

The Tax Foundation’s report discloses wide differences in the state taxes imposed on other items including cigarettes, spirits, wine, beer, and cell phone usage.

In Oregon, the average state and local tax rate for cell phone usage is just 1.81 percent, in Nevada it is 2.08 percent, and in Idaho, 2.2 percent. Nebraska has the highest rate, 18.64 percent, followed by Washington (17.95 percent) and New York, 17.78 percent.

State taxes on cigarettes in New York amount to a whopping $4.35 per pack, followed by Rhode Island at $3.46 and Washington, $3.025. The tax on smokes is lowest in Missouri, 17 cents, followed by Virginia (30 cents) and Louisiana (36 cents).

While it may be cheap to talk on a cell phone in Oregon, having a cocktail while chatting can be expensive. The state excise tax on spirits in Oregon is $22.38 per gallon. Only Washington is higher, $26.03. New Hampshire and Wyoming have no excise tax on spirits, and in Vermont the tax is just 67 cents per gallon.

Wine is a different story. Alaska has the highest excise tax on wine, $2.50 per gallon, followed by Florida at $2.25 and Iowa at $1.75. There is no statewide tax on wine in Mississippi, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Wyoming, according to the Tax Foundation.

As for beer, the tax is highest in Alaska ($1.07 per gallon), Alabama ($1.05), and Georgia ($1.01), and lowest in Wyoming (2 cents), Missouri (6 cents), and Wisconsin (6 cents).

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