“The Race for 5G” Includes Bailing Out the Telecom Industry and Allowing Them to Install Small Cell Towers Everywhere. Ain’t That America, For You and Me.


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March 11, 2018

By B.N. Frank

If you weren’t aware of it already, “The Race for 5G” promotes state and federal legislation that allows for small cell towers to be installed in front of American homes, public rights of ways, historical districts, pretty much everywhere.  This has become such a highly debated topic all over the country that Dr. Oz featured a segment about it on his show, February 9, 2018

Telecom analyst, Bruce Kushnick, has been instrumental in alerting the public to all the ugly details and shady dealings that are behind the marketing of “The Race for 5G”. From his March 8, 2018 article, “5G Wireless Is the New Fiber Optic, Bait-and-Switch Scandal,” he cites that 5G requires a $130 to $150 billion dollar buildout of fiber. No one is jumping to pay for that.

Wait a second… If 5G requires a fiber optic wire and, regardless of the hype, there are no companies that are going to be rewiring America, especially in the more rural areas, with fiber optics…? Then, what the…? …this is a serious bait-and-switch — promise them tech to get rid of regulations…

In short, this is a regulatory play to a) remove all regulations b) allow the companies to take over the state utility wired networks, c) i.e.; have customer-funded networks handed over for private use for whatever they want and d) the FCC’s proposed rules will block any city or state actions. (emphasis added)

You’re probably asking yourself why our elected officials would need to “bail out” one of the richest industries in the world.  Follow the Benjamins and you’ll find that “Big Tech” has been donating money to U.S. elected officials for many years now.

There have been many scientists who have been speaking out against “The Race for 5G” because of the potential for harm from new and barely tested technology.  (See links at the end of the article.)  However, some scientists are still taking a “wait and see” approach to research regarding new technology, including 5G.

They do not promote the “Precautionary Principle”.  Instead, they talk about there “not being enough research”.  Or they talk about research not being “conclusive”.  Or they talk about how research falls within current federal guidelines and laws.  They are basically “Spin Masters”.

Deceiving the public with science is nothing new in the United States.  We’ve been through this already with asbestos, tobacco, lead paint, Agent Orange, countless pharmaceutical drugs including opiates.  The list is long and depressing.

According to many, including Dr. Oz, “The Race for 5G” is to enable Americans to “binge-watch, surf, and post online” at faster speeds without our screens freezing up or being disconnected.  This is exactly what humans did during all their waking hours in the movie, “Wall-E”.  Eventually they also decided this wasn’t the way they wanted to live.

Even if you aren’t concerned about the potential for harm from small cell towers being installed everywhere, this could still harm your loved ones including your pets.  Worth noting, tech inventors have been deliberately keeping devices away from their own children for many years now.

Small cell towers installed in front of your home or in your neighborhood will also reduce your property value.  “I want reduced property value” said no one ever.

“The Race for 5G” also includes promoting “The Internet of Things” or IoT which has already been a disaster in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Maybe 5G supporters aren’t thinking clearly anymore. That doesn’t mean the rest of us should just lay down and take it.

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