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Police State
33 Years Ago Today, Police Fire Bombed a Neighborhood in Philly, Killing Women & Children

Eleven people were killed in Philadelphia on May 13, 1985, in one of the worst acts of police terrorism against the Civil Rights movement in U.S. history. Source: The Free Thought Project May 13, 2018 By John Vibes Since the beginning of time, there has been a constant struggle between …

Police State
Police Unleash ‘Brutal Attacks’ on Austerity Protesters in Storm-Ravaged Puerto Rico

Source: Common Dreams May 2, 2018 by Jessica Corbett While “inhumane and strikingly antidemocratic” budget cuts are imposed on the U.S. territory, outrage after law enforcement used tear gas and rubber bullets to break up May Day demonstrations. Police in Puerto Rico deployed tear gas and fired rubber bullets to …

Police State
Police Cadets Quit, Expose Dept. for Training Cops to View Public as ‘Cockroaches’ They’re at War With

Nearly a dozen police recruits quit their training program and are now calling out the department for trying to teach them aggressive tactics that do not serve or protect the public. Source: The Free Thought Project May 1, 2018 By Jack Burns It takes at least four years of college …