“I’ve Lost Faith in Humanity”: The Psychological Toll of the Lockdown


American Institute for Economic Research

We have heretofore lived our lives with the presumption that we possess the inalienable right to choose. We are self-governors, the main masters of our domains. Our lives are what we make of them. We can improve, act, and see results. We craft our futures. We can travel, save or spend, work here or there, be this person or that, move, love, practice religion or not, dress up or down, drink liquor or not, have children or not and care for them in the way we think best, and generally be in charge of our lives within the limit of the law. That is to say, we have presumed that we are basically free. We had purpose, direction, and a future. In the course of a mere three days in March of 2020, most of that was taken away from us.

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