Shutdowns: Pointless, Stupid and Evil

Larken Rose

No, I’m not going to be polite or gentle when so many good people are being tricked into cooperating with widespread, devastatingly destructive “solutions” to a problem that only ever threatened a tiny percentage of the population (which can be protected separately). Feel free to copy and spread this video, since YouTube is likely to take it down if any of their censors notice it not parroting the idiotic, fear-driven party line.

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Wake Up Outta Your Sleep

Truthstream Media

It has never been more apparent that a great many of people need to wake up and more fully realize what is going on. It’s like half of society is in Twin Peaks and the other half is on The Truman Show and doesn’t realize it. Our reality is tightly controlled, and seen only through a crafted lens. Those that can see outside of those blinders, and those that cannot demarcate an important divide in our new normal. Maybe you see it differently, but the direction of things is definitely concerning; something is definitely happening, a change is taking place quick, but not as many people have swallowed the narrative as they might have expected. This is not over, and the awareness, the level of consciousness, the infectious spread of thinking and discussion can make a difference.

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