The Purpose of Disruption

Truthstream Media

Here’s our latest video, and not an easy one to make. I’m sure you can put things together; the puzzle is becoming all-too-clear. Things were not what they seemed at first, this was always about something else… a new paradigm, supposedly better for all. If it is so great, why was such a massive deception necessary to force-sell it on everyone? Just something to ponder.

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The Clenched COVID Fist of Government

Mises Institute

Years ago, Leonard Read came up with a fine analogy for understanding what citizens want government to do for them. Now, it also provides insight into the current COVID circus. Read’s analogy arises from the fact that since government has no resources that it does not extract from its citizenry, it can only benefit all citizens when it can make more efficient use of resources than they can. Consequently, we must ask where government has a comparative advantage over voluntary organizations. The answer is coercion. In our mutually agreed arrangements, we cannot coerce others. That is why some define government as the entity generally agreed to have a monopoly over coercion.

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