Why Money Is Like A Video Game

Wilder, Wealthy, and Wise

In 2020, we’re pretty proud of ourselves for making use of virtual reality. We have students taking virtual classes while never leaving home. We have virtual assistants. Heck we even have virtual assistants for people that can’t spell, like that new one from Amazon®, Dislexa™. As much as we think of virtual reality as a new concept, it’s not. Much of life throughout recorded history has been conducted using virtual systems. Some of them are common, like clubs. You’re either in or you’re out. The only thing that makes a difference is the virtual acceptance of others. You were either a Roman Senator, or you weren’t. You were a member of Legio XIII, or you weren’t. You were a Roman citizen, or you weren’t. Just because a virtual distinction of being in or out of a particular club has existed for thousands of years, don’t think that it doesn’t have significance.

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