COVID: what was the plan all along?

No More Fake News

The plan all along was: sell a STORY about “a new virus.” A virus that researchers would believe they had discovered—but didn’t. The researchers are cultishly devoted to procedures of discovery that are scientifically useless and non-valid, as I’ve explained in several articles. A few questions: Why would elite players have run all these pandemic exercises, drills, planning sessions, and table-top simulations well in advance of the “outbreak,” so that anyone with a computer could discover them in hours? Why would a few of these exercises have openly named a coronavirus as the cause of the upcoming pandemic? The plan all along was to dupe people into believing that a real virus was spreading across the globe. The tabletop exercises, the drills, the exercises, the seminars, the announcement of the discovery of a new virus—all of these tactics were part and parcel of convincing people that the story of a new virus was real.

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