The virus that isn’t there, genetic sequencing, and the magic trick

No More Fake News

Recently, I’ve written a series of articles revealing that the existence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is unproven.

I’ve quoted key CDC and study documents that confess “the virus is unavailable.” Which is like an ice company saying they have no access to water. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

I’ve published quotes from Dr. Tom Cowan’s major article [6] [7] exposing how CDC journal authors “assemble” the idea of a virus from cobbled sequences they ASSUME are parts of SARS-CoV-2. (Below, I reprint my article on Dr. Cowan’s shocking findings.)

Now, I want to make overall comments on the con, the game, the hustle.

The public, and most medical professionals, are awed by the whole concept of genetic sequencing. They accept the process as a holy of holies. If researchers in their lab claim they’ve “sequenced the virus,” the virus must exist. How else could its genetic structure have been discovered?

Of course, the virus doesn’t have to exist at all. We are talking about an illusion. Stage magic.

And if we could force him to explain his trick, the magician would say:

“Notice, I begin with a fragment of RNA I assume is part of a larger new virus.…

Honest Government Ad | Q

The Juice Media

Hello friends, Friends, here’s our latest Honest Government Ad. I haven’t seen any satire about QAnon. It’s ripe for being satirised. But as always I’m not here just to have a lol, I wanted to also offer an analysis that might help some of those who’ve been sucked into the rabbit’s rectum find their way out. Because the truth is we need people who care about truth & justice (as QAnons claim to be) to remain tethered to reality. We need the people who would normally be on the frontline in the fight against shitfuckery, not to be it’s cheerleaders. And that’s why the most alarming aspect of Q isn’t just that it has confused and alienated so many people, but that it has also exploited their good intentions in order to “manufacture support for the status quo, among people who otherwise would not support it” – to borrow the words of writer Caitlin Johnstone. I’ll link to her article in the video description. In fact,. I’ve included links to sources and further reading in the video description, because so much of my research for this HGA was made possible by these excellent writers and researchers.

The other reason I wanted to make this HGA is to help people see the connection between Q and the US election, just a few days away.…