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Hello friends, Friends, here’s our latest Honest Government Ad. I haven’t seen any satire about QAnon. It’s ripe for being satirised. But as always I’m not here just to have a lol, I wanted to also offer an analysis that might help some of those who’ve been sucked into the rabbit’s rectum find their way out. Because the truth is we need people who care about truth & justice (as QAnons claim to be) to remain tethered to reality. We need the people who would normally be on the frontline in the fight against shitfuckery, not to be it’s cheerleaders. And that’s why the most alarming aspect of Q isn’t just that it has confused and alienated so many people, but that it has also exploited their good intentions in order to “manufacture support for the status quo, among people who otherwise would not support it” – to borrow the words of writer Caitlin Johnstone. I’ll link to her article in the video description. In fact,. I’ve included links to sources and further reading in the video description, because so much of my research for this HGA was made possible by these excellent writers and researchers.

The other reason I wanted to make this HGA is to help people see the connection between Q and the US election, just a few days away. Particularly in the likely scenario that Trump tries to stop the counting of mail-in ballots after the election, and handballing the decision to SCOTUS (the Supreme Court) – which, unlike QAnon, is no conspiracy – it’s exactly what happened in Florida in 2000: the election that gave the world George W Bush. The real shitshow will begin after Nov 3rd. And the best way to avoid a repeat of 2000 is to be aware of the events discussed in this video.

This will probably be our last US HGA before the election. So good luck America. Please VOTE EARLY so that as many ballots are counted before election day, and demand that ALLL the votes are counted in the days following! As always, thank you so much to our legendary Patrons who make all the Honest Govt Ads possible. If you value what we do, please support our work on Patreon

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