Hardscrabble Farmer

Human beings have been domesticating animals for thousands of years. In the process we too, became another domesticated animal. As our understanding of the process and each species became clearer, it also became more efficient and we learned how to maximize our ability to control both livestock and companion animals with greater ease as they became genetically easier to be manipulated.

Due to our extreme form of self-deception- catered to by things like religion and commerce- so too did our ability to be farmed by those human beings who recognized this set of traits in their own species.

You are a form of livestock. Because you (and you know I don’t mean you) are not harvested for meat you wear a set of blinders that makes it inconceivable to recognize that you serve other purposes, like a house cat or a race horse. In the same way we use cattle dogs to control the herds and protect us when we work with much larger animals, these farm managers (of humans) use police and intelligence agencies to keep an eye on us and keep us in line. And much like we can lead our flocks wherever we like with a bucket of grain, so too can social leaders use promises or goods to move humans to wherever they like mentally and emotionally, if you catch my drift.…

George Carlin – Why I Don’t Vote

There is always a third option. But “they” won’t tell you.…

Totalitarianism Is Taking Over America

Gary D. Barnet

We are in the midst of the most dangerous time to liberty since this country was founded. Actually, we have already had more loss of freedom, and more tyranny just this year than has ever happened to the country as a whole.

California, a state that leads in tyrannical behavior by the political class, has taken tyranny to a more ludicrous level. The criminal cretin governor in California is Gavin Newsom, and he is now attempting to mandate all behavior for personal households for Thanksgiving and Christmas. To gain obedience to such draconian and insane rules would be the end of California, but that might be a blessing in disguise, as the west coast is a poster child for dictatorial and control tactics.

The California Department of Health (CDHP) mandates can be accessed at this link.

The mandatory requirements are listed below, and it is very important to read this asinine compliance section. This is citizen submission training, and it will not be limited to California. Draconian measures such as these and worse will be universal if allowed, and everything being done in these test states like California and New York will come to your city or town soon, just as what is going on in Europe and Australia will as well.…