Letter from an Unmasked Man

The Burning Platform

Like most Americans, I have accepted being forced to hand over a large portion of all I earn to people who did not earn it but who have acquired the power to take it. I have accepted not being able to ever own my home, no matter how long ago I paid for it.

It is all pretty bad.

But this – Sickness Kabuki – is one binary too far. It has already taken away the small pleasures, such as being able to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee at a cafe – or go shopping without seeing Freaks everywhere and having to “gird my loins” for a possible confrontation with them.

I am tired of it.

Now comes the new Freak who will apparently try to force me to Diaper as a condition of being allowed to leave my home and perhaps even there. I can’t stand that. I won’t stand for it.

I am still hoping it will be possible to live – and dodge – but it wears on you to have to live this way.

As it stands, I hardly go anywhere anymore – not that I went lots of places before, but it’s diminishing to be denied the small human interactions, the everyday sense of normality.

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