Mass Manipulation – How It Works

Global Research

Have you ever wondered how a herd of sheep is driven to their “slaughterhouse”?

Manipulation of minds is a well-studied science, has been applied already for centuries, but is getting ever more sophisticated. For example, the many poignant assertions, Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda (1933 to 1945), included,

“if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth”; or

“if you make people believe in the threat of an enemy, they’ll do your bidding”- and

“divide and polarize them, destroy their solidarity, and they follow your command”.

Today we have become more sophisticated. While fear is still the weapon of choice – imagine an invisible enemy that everybody is scared of – we have digitally observant media, algorithms and robots that focus on your thinking, how you react and deal with social media, or what websites you consult, and where and what you shop.

This is just to mention a few points of information. Today there are on average about 200 such data to be electronically computed, so as  to sway your opinion and to make you believe the most flagrant lies.

You may recognize what the covid crisis is doing to you and at what state of manipulation we are – how close to the slaughterhouse are we?…