The Anti-Human Agenda of the NWO Accelerated by Operation Coronavirus


COVID has accelerated it, but it’s always been there: learn more about the distinct and undeniable anti-human agenda behind the NWO.

The Freedom Articles

  • THE STORY:COVID scamdemic restrictions, while freedom-denying and life-destroying, are indicative of a deeper agenda.
  • THE IMPLICATIONS:All the dehumanizing aspects of the plandemic and the New World Order are reflective of the anti-human agenda, which has picked up speed as it attempts to change the essence of humanity – forever.

The Anti-Human Agenda that underpins the NWO (New World Order) is moving sharply into view with the advent of the COVID scamdemic (Operation Coronavirus) and its experimental nano-infused mRNA tools of destruction they are calling “vaccines.” Underneath all the chaos is a coldly calculated and chilling plan which is an entirely anti-human agenda. I have alluded to this agenda before in my previous articles, such as in my 2015 article series “Everything is Fake” and in my 2016 article “The Synthetic Agenda: The Distorted Heart of the New World Order” where I outline the same basic concept, namely that our state of being and natural world is being attacked and usurped by a fake synthetic version of reality which seeks to overtake and supplant it. COVID has brought this anti-human agenda sharply into focus. Hat tip to David Icke for his recent video on this theme.

Bill Gates: Leading the Charge

Bill Gates has not only become the consummate NWO frontman but also has become a villain of cartoon-like proportions, with his finger in seemingly every pie. Gates either invests in, funds or directly controls GMO crops, GMO animals (e.g. mosquitoes), synthetic food, eugenics-driven research on fertility (e.g. testicle-smashing contraceptives), chemtrails/geoengineering, vaccines, the media, manmade climate change propaganda, pandemic simulations (i.e. pandemic planning and orchestration), organizations modeling pandemics like The Imperial College and IHME (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation), large international health organizations like the WHO, GAVI and CEPI, and much much more – all the while buying up more farmland in the USA than any other single person. Gates’ most recent wacky idea is to combine the GM mosquitoes and vaccines to produce flying syringes – genetically modified mosquitoes that would inject you. His hypocrisy is staggering when you consider how he flies around the world in private jets while lecturing people on their carbon footprint, just as many other NWO conspirators do. Gates even had the audacity recently to show off his love of beef burgers while telling everyone that they’re going to have to eat synthetic, lab-made meat soon instead. Meanwhile, what do you think Gates is going to do with all that farmland?

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