What Did You Do In The People’s War Daddy?

Lew Rockwell

By Allan Stevo

There will be a time, perhaps one week from now, perhaps one decade or one century from now, when it is widely understood that the people of the United States were at war by the year 2020, with enemies foreign and domestic.

The victors will write the history that will be read centuries hence. I fully intend to be one of the victors writing that history, and I know I can’t accomplish that alone.

I need men of valor. I need woman of virtue. I need youth of passion. I need elders with heart. I need to surround myself with the one percenters, the outliers. They need not be rich. They need not be famous. But they must be wise not trendy, they must be people of faith not fear, they must be solid not flighty.

It’s nice if they have a stockpile of guns and know how to use them. It’s nice if they have a love for great battles of the past and can chart out battle by battle, movement by movement, how the world was won. It’s nice if they are someone trained, unafraid to pull the trigger when the proper moment calls for it.…