Freedom isn’t Free, Freedom isn’t Cheap, Freedom isn’t Easy. It Comes at Great Sacrifice and so Few Want to Hear That.

Lew Rockwell

By Allan Stevo

Hi Allan, 

I just read your response at Lew Rockwell. Great stuff! I live in ———. I have not worn a face mask yet. I was thrown out of my daughter’s soccer game, physically threatened by the athletic director and refused entrance to all others in the city and surrounding counties. I went to war with the school system over mandated masks… in empty stadiums, in open air! Their response was to send several police to games where I would be. I had a doctor friend write me a note so they harassed the doctor with multiple phone calls to his employer and then refused the note because it wasn’t printed on company letterhead. I couldn’t fix it because the doctor wouldn’t take my calls anymore. My regular doctor wouldn’t write a note. She suggested I see a psychiatrist about it! I still refused to wear the mask so I had to watch my daughter’s games from outside the fences, like a leper.

Outside in the open air!!

I did win one battle. My daughter didn’t have to wear the mask. I forced the school system to admit they couldn’t force it on her while outside. I shared this with the coaches but they were too scared to encourage others to claim their rights. My daughter was, every game, the only player to not wear a mask. She’s 15 and has more guts than 99% of the men in this country. Clark, Stuart Best Price: $7.30 Buy New $17.15 (as of 03:06 EDT – Details)

I coached club soccer for the top club in —— for almost 20 years. I got fired last August for refusing to wear a mask or follow other covid orders. That was just my fun money though. It hurt me but not financially. I am a self employed contractor. I tell clients I don’t wear a mask. I have only lost a couple clients. I have never been busier. I still go to Lowes, Home Depot, Kroger and other stores and I am usually the only one without a mask. My dentist allows me in without a mask. So does my corner liquor store (thank goodness!). I approach and thank those that I occasionally see mask-less. A few stores don’t allow me in. I go to stores that do. I will attempt to enter any store and force them to say something about a mask. If they do I tell them why they are wrong and will never get my business and I leave.

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