Killing Old People in Ireland

Lew Rockwell

By Kieran Morrissey

I am not an Anti-vaxxer. I believe that many vaccines have improved the lives of the human race, reduced suffering and prevented death since Edward Jenner developed the world’s first vaccine in 1798 using cowpox to prevent smallpox based on a traditional treatment known as variolation.

When a young lady, who is very close to my heart, developed the rare condition of Lupus following her HPV vaccination in secondary school, I began to look closer into the possible risks and side effects of all medicines and became pharmaceutical (not just vaccine) hesitant. While this young lady may now be well protected against cervical cancer due to her HPV vaccination, she now has another serious illness to deal with in its place requiring complex ongoing monitoring and treatment for the rest of her life.

All pharmaceuticals whether used to protect against or treat illnesses have side effects no matter how insignificant they are and we must be given full disclosure no matter how rare they might be. We must also be fully informed regarding the realistic probability of potential benefits, so we may conduct personalised risk-benefit analysis and make our own decisions on whether to use pharmaceuticals or adopt other treatment methods. Buy New $56.04 ($4.67 / Count) (as of 03:50 EDT – Details)

For complete confidence in any pharmaceutical, the product must have its efficacy and safety rigorously trialled and tested with full disclosure of the results before widespread use in the general population. I am hesitant about the various COVID-19 novel vaccines because they have been brought through Phase 0, I & II trials in record time and Phase III trials are now being conducted on millions of human beings in the current emergency rollout without full knowledge of the large scale or long-term effects of these vaccines. Phase III trials would normally be conducted in smaller groups over a longer period in case there are any serious unknown side effects. It would be therefore reasonable to expect discovery of some unknown side effects and adverse reactions during the current large scale emergency rollouts of the various COVID-19 novel vaccines which are effectively Phase III trials.

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