One Way You Don’t Want To “Grow Up”

Lew Rockwell

By Allan Stevo

“By the age of 40 nearly every American has learned to conform,” said my favorite Greek philosopher to me once.

Look around your life and you see how true it is.

Also, by the age of 40, life is solidified for many. The standards you hold at the age of 40 are the standards you will continue to hold after the age of 40 for many people.

Were you okay driving your rust bucket that broke down every 900 miles? Were you okay living off fast food? Were you okay working a second job that didn’t use any of your skills, but was a way to just pay the bills on things you never really needed? Buy New $76.63 (as of 03:18 EDT – Details)

For many their life is locked in at 40. Complacency sets in and “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” becomes prescriptive rather than descriptive. In being prescriptive it turns into descriptive as well unfortunately. But life need not be that way. You can be aware of that, and you can attain better, you can demand more of life.

You see, I want you to grow up in all the right ways, dear warrior.

I want you to commit to a cause, to a God, to a spouse, to yourself.

I want you to identify your boundaries, to communicate your boundaries, to defend your boundaries, and in doing so to identify your values, communicate your values, and defend your values.

I want no man’s new normal imposed upon you, but only the life you want and aspire to for yourself.

I want you to build a community around you that provides for that.

None of this is to comply or conform. Quite the opposite.

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