This Dentist Is Stopping Mandatory Masking, Is This The Right Notice To Post?

Lew Rockwell

By Allan Stevo

A dentist writes:

Dear Allan, 

We are dropping our mask mandate 6/1/21. Can you provide a script we can post letting our patients know we are dropping the mask mandate?  

Can’t wait to be mask-free. 

Of course our clinical staff have always worn level 3 surgical masks and will continue to do so during procedures rendered in operatories.  

Fingers crossed you can help. 

-Doctor Logical 

In spring 2020, I understood face masks to be a danger to me. That was based on personal experience.

Based on extrapolation, I knew masks were a danger to millions of others.

Based on my voracious reading of any published science that is mask related, eventually I understood them to be a danger to virtually everyone. The science is hard to challenge at this point: face masks harm you, face masks harm children, face mask harm the elderly, the healthy, and the sick. That’s not even up for debate. The only question really is how much they harm you: badly or really, really badly? They are not neutral. They are not a minor inconvenience.

There were no shortage of LRC readers who helped to pound this into my thick head.…