Just as Expected; More Covid Propaganda, Hyper Inflation, Climate Change Hysteria, ‘Vaccine’ Push, and War Drums

Gary D. Barnett

By: Gary D. Barnett

The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.”

~ H. L. Mencken  (1924). “Prejudices Fourth Series”

I have called this temporary period the calm before the storm, but it seems that the storm is already beginning, and summer is not yet upon us. A multi-faceted approach, just as expected, is occurring, or at least is being headlined as the powerful and their government accomplices are setting up the people for planned panic once again. It seems the ‘calm’ may be short-lived, as the propaganda is once again increasing with vigor.

Mainstream headlines today are telling of all the angles of attacks being planned by the evil controllers.

“Covid deaths already eclipse 2020”

“Sweeden sees ‘dark clouds’ with outbreak of Delta variant.”

“Inflation fastest since 2008”

Dire Warning for America–“Inflation: The defining macro story of this decade”

“Looming heatwave to push Phoenix, Vegas temps to 115 degrees or higher”

“Hoover Dam reservoir record low”

“G-7 to pledge 1B coronavirus shots for world”

“FDA to clear 10M J&J vaccine doses from troubled plant”

“Kids under 12 are one step closer to receiving Covid vaccines”

Iran sends warships to Atlantic

Of course, there is much more fearmongering going on by government and media sources about not only these few, but also about continuing cyber-attacks, food shortages, energy shutdowns, and much more. Threats and warnings are being telegraphed, and it seems there will be no end to the panic that began almost 16 months ago. People are being prepared to accept whatever the state tells them, and the pressure to get injected will not slow, regardless of the inherent risk of disease, sickness, and deaths, due to this horrible shot. The Covid hoax is not over, and will be brought back in earnest this fall so that the vaccine push can continue. The poisonous ‘vaccine’ is the real bioweapon, and the more that get injected, the easier it will be to control the population, especially if those ‘vaccinated’ can shed the toxins to others; effectively causing mass ‘vaccination’ by proxy.

It is important to understand that this hell is not over; it is just beginning. Prices will continue to rise, food shortages will escalate, the Cyber Polygon simulation will take place in 4 weeks on July 9, and at some point soon, will be played out in real time across the U.S. and globally. As winter approaches, this will become dangerous to many across the country and world, so preparation is warranted.

There is no virus, so there are no variants, but the state will count on the weakness and ignorance of the people to continue this plot toward a global governance of all, and will use whatever methods necessary, and simultaneously, in their attempt to finalize this takeover of society, with the goal of building a fully functional technocratic system where all that will remain will be the ‘elite’ class holding power over the slave class. Nothing will be held back in this attempted “Great Reset” agenda.

None of this will end easily, and of course, there will be no government savior, no political god to save humanity, and no voluntary backing down by the powerful. Voting is irrelevant, as is the court system for the most part. What is necessary in order to stop this tyrannical takeover is the will of the people, and the courage en masse to just say no. Disobey at every turn, do not follow any orders by government, whether local, state, or federal concerning any draconian measures sought by these monsters. More restrictions are coming; they are not gone for good. Expect more quarantines, expect immunity or passport permits for living, expect every conceivable method of fear-based propaganda, expect more lockdowns. Then understand that economic chaos is also coming, with extreme inflation, false flag cyber-attacks, food shortages, and likely violent civil unrest once these plans are active. In addition, surveillance during this madness will only worsen.

Little time is left to change this course we are on today.

“Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it.

~ Pericles – “Homage to Greece”. Book by Anglo-American-Hellenic Bureau of Education, 1943.

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