Nations Are Finally Beginning to Reject the Permanent Covidocracy

The American Conservative

Michael Fumento

With plummeting COVID cases and deaths, patience for endless lockdowns is wearing thin.

“Simon says mask! Simon says unmask! Simon says mask again! Simon says lock down! Simon says you can unlock! Simon says…” Enough, already! Countries are finally starting to opt out.

Only those with tremendous hubris could ever have believed you can micromanage a highly contagious airborne virus through on-off masking and lockdowns, and by great coincidence they appear to be those who believe you can do likewise with something as complicated as the economy. It’s not surprising that the latest “Simon says mask, even if fully vaccinated!” is coming from the same WHO director-general who at least was a Marxist as a member of the Ethiopian Tigray People’s Liberation Front.

Of course, there’s always a reason. This time it’s the so-called “Delta variant” of COVID-19, which, apparently, is considerably more contagious than previous variants. Except that as soon as we began seeing any variants at all, this was a predictable development. A pathogen’s purpose is ensuring survival of its gene line, not making anyone sick. So, a more efficient way for COVID to sow its wild oats is to become more contagious. The more virulent strains will beat out its competitors and become predominant.

Fact is, the pathogen that does the least damage to its host is most likely to survive and thrive. So sometimes we see evolution towards lower lethality. Syphilis when first observed in 1494-95 killed and crippled very quickly, but today if untreated generally takes decades to do so. Problem is, COVID, despite the hype, is already relatively benign compared to the great plagues. Victims are almost exclusively the elderly who are already weakened by other conditions. Updated Italian data show only 3 percent of those dying with the virus didn’t suffer comorbidities and have a median age above life expectancy. There’s little evolutionary pressure for COVID to become even tamer. That said, there is evolutionary pressure to not become more severe.

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