The Dumbed Down Lack of Understanding About Anarchy

Gary D. Barnett

By: Gary D. Barnett

It is very frustrating that so many have accepted the modern and bastardized ‘definition’ of anarchy. Most have been wrongly convinced that anarchy means chaos, lawlessness, looting, rioting, property destruction, and assault. Nothing could be more absurd.

Language is of great importance to any society that seeks or desires to be free. The misuse of language and its meaning is not only rampant in this day and age, it is totally ludicrous, and since the intellect of Americans has for decades and even centuries declined, the corruption of language and meanings has become a way for the state to manipulate the thought of the masses so that certain agendas can be perpetuated. It is a dumbing down of society by deception and stealth through broad-based propaganda.

One simply has to go to the root of words; the original meanings that do not change, but are purposely and arbitrarily altered by government and media in order to advance a particular way of thinking, or in this case, not thinking. The word “anarchy” is rooted in the base of the English language that is Latin and Greek. It means “without rule,” or “without rulers.” In other words, it means self-rule of individuals, whether individuals act collectively or not.…