Marshall Law For Dummies

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Everything I know about Marshall Law in America couldn’t cover a 50-word article. So, since many here seem to think it is a good idea, I did some research.

What is Martial Law?

“Martial law” has no established definition. But, there are reasons for when it can be imposed. (See next question.)  In general terms, these are the “features”;

— used in an emergency (see next question)

— the military replaces civilian authority

— local police no longer enforce laws … soldiers do

— military officers, not elected officials, make policy decisions

— military tribunals replace civilian courts.

When is it usually declared?

Mostly in times of labor disputes (29 times), civil unrest (11), insurrection (7),  natural disaster (4), and war or invasion (2), and 15 “other” times (see link in next question), including three separate times over “a nonviolent dispute between the state government and oil producers over oil production limits”. The link in the next question has a brief synopsis of every instance.

Is it rare in the United States?

This site  (here)   claims Martial law has been declared at least 68 times. Doesn’t seem rare to me.

What happens when it is declared?

Martial Law Is Unacceptable Regardless Of The Circumstances


Back in 2014, hundreds if not thousands of conservatives and liberty movement activists converged on a farm in rural Clark County, Nevada. The purpose was to protest the incursion of federal government agents onto the property of the Bundy family, who had defied pressure from the Bureau of Land Management to stop allowing their cattle to feed on “federal land” in a form of free ranging. It was a practice that had been going on for decades and one that was required for the Bundy farm to survive, ended abruptly by environmental laws protecting a tortoise.

The Bundy family had been improving on the area with water sources and other measures for generations without interference. The claim by the BLM and other agencies was that the farmers were destroying wildlife habitat with their cattle, yet the Bundy’s land improvements had actually allowed wildlife to THRIVE in areas where animals would find life difficult or impossible otherwise.

The federal government became fixated on the Bundy’s, and decided to make an example out of them. Their defiance of the crackdown on their use of the land was met with extreme measures, including their cattle impounded, their farm being surrounded and sniper teams placed in the hills nearby.…

Military Occupation of America Begins

Another Day in the Empire

Police-soldiers regard both the guilty and innocent alike as enemy combatants. It now seems certain the social lockdown imposed during the COVID scare will be extended with a “second wave” blamed in part on people protesting the police execution of George Floyd. As it now stands, there is no way the massive protests in America will come to end anytime soon. The yellow vest protests in France went on for months, only to be sidelined by COVID. Make no mistake. Macron and the neoliberals were seriously freaked out by week after week of yellow vest protests and riots. The elite considered it a serious threat to the French state and its corrupt establishment. Trump has absolutely no viable options. He has threatened to send federal troops into states in violation of what remains of Posse Comitatus. It was mostly destroyed by the national security state logic of the neocon John Yoo and the Bush administration.

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US On The Brink Of Martial Law As Officials Implement Contact Tracing Methods To Track Rioters

Spiro Skouras

As peaceful protests turn to violent riots, government officials finally admit the protest are being hijacked by organized groups from out of state with the purpose to cause destruction and chaos. President Trump has ordered the Pentagon to have military police on standby ready to deploy to American cities within hours in an attempt to restore order. The second time Trump has suggested deploying the US military domestically which is thought to be unconstitutional. The White House sites the Insurrection Act as authorization. Meanwhile, officials in Minnesota, the origin of the unrest have stated they are currently using methods very similar to contact tracing to track down networks of out of state protestors which officials estimate consists of approximately 80% of those engaged in the demonstrations.

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