This Dentist Is Stopping Mandatory Masking, Is This The Right Notice To Post?

Lew Rockwell

By Allan Stevo

A dentist writes:

Dear Allan, 

We are dropping our mask mandate 6/1/21. Can you provide a script we can post letting our patients know we are dropping the mask mandate?  

Can’t wait to be mask-free. 

Of course our clinical staff have always worn level 3 surgical masks and will continue to do so during procedures rendered in operatories.  

Fingers crossed you can help. 

-Doctor Logical 

In spring 2020, I understood face masks to be a danger to me. That was based on personal experience.

Based on extrapolation, I knew masks were a danger to millions of others.

Based on my voracious reading of any published science that is mask related, eventually I understood them to be a danger to virtually everyone. The science is hard to challenge at this point: face masks harm you, face masks harm children, face mask harm the elderly, the healthy, and the sick. That’s not even up for debate. The only question really is how much they harm you: badly or really, really badly? They are not neutral. They are not a minor inconvenience.

There were no shortage of LRC readers who helped to pound this into my thick head.…

Face Masks & Courage: Is Family Your Excuse for Cowardice, or is Family Your Motivation for Standing Upright?

Lew Rockwell

By Allan Stevo

Parents used to stand up in life for the benefit of their kids. They realized that no matter how much money they left their kids, the inheritance of freedom was worth so much more to a child than the dollars and cents a parent could leave behind.

Today so many parents make their child an excuse for why they refuse to stand up in life, and they say they are keeping their lips zipped BECAUSE of their child. They are doing it BECAUSE of their child they say.

That’s not okay.

A Kentucky soccer coach who refused to go masked and refused to enforce the mask didn’t keep quiet because of his daughter. He stood up because of his daughter. He lost his coveted position as a result.

But because of his courage, he is also the father of the only soccer player in the county who plays without a mask. Stevo, Allan Buy New $10.00 (as of 03:17 EST – Details)

The father who wrote me from Arizona didn’t back down from his values because of his kids. No he doubled down. A decorated teacher, when the lockdowns began he didn’t put on his mask and mask his two sons.…

Twenty Reasons Mandatory Face Masks are Unsafe, Ineffective and Immoral

Global Research

Nine Potential and Proven Dangers to Muzzling Yourself

1. Cavities: New York dentists are reporting that half their patients are suffering decaying teeth, receding gum lines and seriously sour breath from wearing masks. “We’re seeing inflammation in people’s gums that have been healthy forever, and cavities in people who have never had them before,” Dr. Rob Ramondi told FOX News.

2. Facial Deformities: Masking children triggers mouth breathing which as been shown to cause “long, narrow faces, narrow mouths, high palatal vaults, dental malocclusion, gummy smiles, and many other unattractive facial features,” according to the Journal of General Dentistry.

3. Acne Vulgaris: Moisture and germs collecting in the mask cause “facial skin lesions, irritant dermatitis… or worsening acne” (according to Public Health Ontario) which stresses the immune system, can lead to permanent scarring and has been linked to depression and suicidal thoughts (according to the Journal of Dermatologic Clinics). Children also develop impetigo, a bacterial infection that produces red sores and can lead to kidney damage (according to the Mayo Clinic).

4. Increased Risk of COVID-19: “Mask use by the general public could be associated with a theoretical elevated risk of COVID-19 through… self-contamination,” states Public Health Ontario in Wearing Masks in Public and COVID-19.…

Diapered at the Drive-Thru

Eric Peters Autos

You know you’re dealing with a religious ritual when people wear the Holy Rag when no one else is nearby – or alone, in their car. Unless you believe you can catch the virus from your car – or spread it to it.

Or get it via the pneumatic tube at the bank drive-thru, as in the “case”of the woman in  this video I’ve uploaded to Rumble because YouTube won’t allow such videos to be  seen as it offends the Faithful.I was behind her, in my car, waiting my turn at the tube. She got out of her car to get to the tube, which is understandable as the tube can difficult to reach, depending on the car you’re driving and also if you’re not especially flexible. What’s hard to understand is why this woman had her Face Burqa on while standing nowhere near anyone and so no one could breath the dread virus in her direction.

It is true there is air in the pneumatic tube and that air came from inside the bank, where it is possible asymptomatic super-spreaders might be breathing. But they are all exhaling through their Burqas, too – and if the Burqas “work” (in the medical sense, as we are told by the ecclesiastical authorities such as Pope Fauci XVII) then surely there is no need for the wearing of the Burqa at the other end of the pneumatic tube, since the air within has already been transubstantiated via the Holy Burqas within.…

Diaper Report 12/25/2020

Eric Peters Autos

I’m still not sick. Neither are the guys at the gym, including my buddy who works at a hospital and should be sick by now, given how very contagious this “virus” is.

And yet, it isn’t.

Four months after the gym reopened and no one has gotten sick, even though no one except the staff wears the Holy Rag. Perhaps it protects the rest of us. It’s a meerakuhl!  Say it like the great TV evangelist, Ernest Angley – a specialist in religious things.

One of two things must be true – assuming it isn’t a meerakuhl.

The first is that the “virus” – I put it in finger quotes to emphasize the holy totemic nature of the term – isn’t nearly as contagious or as dangerous as Pope Fauci XVII and his Jesuits would have us believe. If it were, then logically by now at least some of the several hundred people who are members of my gym would have caught the “virus” – and at least some of them would have become seriously ill. Ill enough to have required medical intervention to avoid dying . . . if, indeed, the “virus” is that dangerous and that catching.…

Why Technocrats Believe In Face Masks

Lew Rockwell

“My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
– Percy Shelley

There’s a group of people who walk the earth who don’t just believe that life can be improved by humans, they take it a step further.

They believe humans can be improved.

While this sentence may not seem irksome to you, because it is so commonplace, I hope in a few paragraphs you’ll see how truly twisted it is.

Most people who observe nature and humanity — the overwhelming majority of people walking the planet — learn some version of “If it ain’t broke, then don’t try to fix it.” Many religions teach this.

Man is created in the image of God, but is fallen.

Man has perfection in him if he can find it.

All creation is of the Creator.

There can be a religious aspect to it, but there are also people who will have no religious reason for an “If it ain’t broke, then don’t try to fix it” view of man and nature.

A conservative might not like new government regulation when a private contract between two people works just fine in almost all scenarios.

A hippie might not see a doctor for 30 years because he doesn’t have a health problem and can’t imagine the benefit of exposing himself to big pharma’s salesman in his community, the local doctor.…

A Masked Society Is a Slave Society

Gary D. Barnett

The timid civilized world has found nothing with which to oppose the onslaught of a sudden revival of barefaced barbarity, other than concessions and smiles.”

~ Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, Anne Applebaum (2007). “The Gulag Archipelago Volume 2: An Experiment in Literary Investigation”, Harper Perennial Modern Classics

It is rather obvious that the wearing of a mask at the demand of the state has become the single signifying behavior that exposes the level of obedience to power that is necessary in order for the ruling class to gain total control. This may seem to be a simplistic analysis, and in many ways it is, but it has served as the most important gauge of the psyche of the average citizen. This gauge has been the basis of many despicable policy decisions made by the rulers and their pawns in government. If the people can be made to obey on command totally ridiculous mandates, orders that are completely illogical on their face, then they can be easily fooled into giving up their freedom. This is done through fear mongering, even in light of the fact that there is nothing to fear. It is all illusion, and therefore it is clear that it is simply a staged ploy meant to gain acquiescence from the masses, so that power can be gained and control solidified.…

Another Diaper Departure

The Burning Platform

One of my best friends – I will not mention his name, for reasons which will become apparent – just got ejected (almost violently) from the Roanoke cop-op in the Grandin Road area of Roanoke, Va.

I mention their name for reasons that should already be apparent.

My friend has been a long-time customer of the co-op’s and has known people who work there for years, including a woman he thought he was on friendly terms with. He just discovered the true nature of their relationship.

As he walked in the store – his face showing – he was met with a barrage of importuning, directed his way by the woman he thought he knew.

“You have to wear a mask!” she exclaimed.

My friend – who is a medical man and knows the answers to this question – asked her why. “You are putting people at risk!” she yelled.

My friend attempted to explain otherwise, which he is in a position to do, as he possesses the curriculum vitae to speak with authority on the subject. This woman knows that my friend possesses the CVs; knows what he does for a living.

It didn’t matter.

Including the fact – right there on the box – that a disposable “mask” does not serve as a barrier to viruses, inhaled or exhaled.…