‘Volunteer’ Hawaiians Turn “Paradise On Earth” Into An Island Of Snitches

Activist Post

Travel publications around the world have referred to the Hawaiian islands as “paradise on earth”. But a much darker and more disturbing trend that was once relegated to the continental United States has taken Hawaii by storm. Much has been written about NextDoor’s “Karen” problems of reporting on people of color, and now as AP News reports, ‘volunteer’ Hawaiians are turning suspected quarantine rule breakers into the police. A former reporter named Angela Keen and her Facebook group of snitches spy on vacationer’s social media pages looking for incriminating pictures. “When members of her Facebook group spot tourists posting about their beach trips on social media, Keen zeroes in on photos for clues like license plate numbers she can run down and distinctive furnishings she can match up with vacation rental listings.” Her group of ‘volunteer’ snitches has spread across the Hawaiian islands, leading to the arrests of 35 vacationers so far.

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A Tip For The “CHAZ Republic”: Start Thinking Like Conservatives


Building a society is hard. Though people have a tendency to naturally adapt to forms of social order, these systems usually function best as small tribes, not massive collectives. Even when everyone agrees on particular goals, such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, they still often have conflicts over how to achieve those goals. Small groups have better chances, small voluntary groups are even more successful, as long as they follow a certain set of guidelines. Tribalism is the natural state of mankind, yet these days it’s treated like a taboo concept, especially by the political left. Then, there is the ever present outlier, the 1%-5% percent of any given population that has inherent narcissistic and sociopathic qualities. These people make coming to an agreement on anything almost impossible. They hold the world hostage by sabotaging peace and resolution until they get exactly what they want. Sometimes what they want is nothing more that total chaos and destruction. In other cases they dream big, with notions of dominance and godhood.

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Some positive moments amid all the turmoil

The Burning Platform

Look, things aren’t feeling so bright and cheery in the US right now. And the sad truth is that there are some tough times ahead. We usually bring you stories on Friday that are absurd or even infuriating. I’m sure you’ve seen enough of that this week. So we thought we’d share a few moments of character and integrity shown at protests across the US, which shined through all the tragedy. There are bad apples on all sides– some bad apple protestors who loot and burn and destroy. And some bad apple cops who engage in terrible acts of violence. But there are plenty of good apples on both sides too. Peaceful protesters sprang into action when they saw a man destroying a sidewalk. The man was dressed in all black, like Antifa, and was apparently destroying the sidewalk to create projectiles to hurl at police and businesses. But rather than let things escalate, peaceful protesters tackled the man, took his hammer, and handed him over to a group of police who were nearby. In fact, the police were right standing there, with the man in clear view. And yet they did nothing to stop him. Cops even almost arrested one of the peaceful protesters who handed the man over. But they let him go after someone explained the situation.

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Great Things Are Happening!

Lew Rockwell

Before I explain how wonderful the COVID-19 era is, and is going to be, for us and for liberty, I must give a nod to the very real concerns about agriculturalization of human beings by the state. The new American project seems to be about converting the amber waves of Republican grain into one giant CAFO, complete with centrally controlled feeding, mandated meds, and plenty of one-way alleys and head-gates. We are not all drinking Brawndo, not yet. While the state prefers that we be sheep, we should approach the government herd like a well-trained border collie, from a rear vantage point, with a keen and focused eye. What is the herd doing, and why is it doing that? Where are the leaders, and where are the idiots (not mutually exclusive, of course)! What is our objective for the herd? After all, the border collie is as smart as any advanced four year old, knows its job, and has confidence in its ability to manage toward a goal. Further, he has no doubts at all that he will be successful.

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Wake Up Outta Your Sleep

Truthstream Media

It has never been more apparent that a great many of people need to wake up and more fully realize what is going on. It’s like half of society is in Twin Peaks and the other half is on The Truman Show and doesn’t realize it. Our reality is tightly controlled, and seen only through a crafted lens. Those that can see outside of those blinders, and those that cannot demarcate an important divide in our new normal. Maybe you see it differently, but the direction of things is definitely concerning; something is definitely happening, a change is taking place quick, but not as many people have swallowed the narrative as they might have expected. This is not over, and the awareness, the level of consciousness, the infectious spread of thinking and discussion can make a difference.

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